Singapore international school vs local school

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Is it possible to have two kids and one of them to go to international school in Singapore while another to local?

Many expats live in Singapore because the country has good job market and higher salaries. Sometimes expats move to the new city with their whole families and children have to continue their education fast. Families who have stable jobs usually prefer to sign their children in the closest international school because they can afford higher taxes. My husband has an amazing job with a big salary when we chose an international school in Singapore for our son. One year later he lost his job and find another one with a smaller salary, and we can’t afford to sign our second child in the same school.


That’s why both kids study in two different schools.

We were lucky enough to sign our second son in local school. We were still new in the country, but we were able to orientate in the area and to find a good school with good educators. When we were new in the country we didn’t have a full idea what exactly the local education system is, and we have to trust words of other people. Unfortunately, they told us that educational system in Singapore was brutal, so we were reserved. A few years later, we realized that this claim was not true and the local school was a good choice. All the horror stories were fiction stories and educators were kind. Our younger son’s education cost way less than our eldest, and he was not in a worse place.

What was the difference?

Except for the cost, there are few things that distinguish the two types of education. First, in a local school, the child is surrounded by local kids. If you don’t think this is important, check again. The environment can stimulate the kid to learn, to compete, or to be lazy. Establishing friendship is not easy when you are an expat and local kids environment give you the opportunity to do it. Of course, our son was already in Singapore for 1 year when he went to school so there was time for adaption. In contrary, our oldest son has some troubles adapting. The situation was quite different because moving to the new city he had to leave his old school and friends and start from the beginning. In International schools, like GEMS World Academy (Singapore), educators are kind and highly experienced. Often they are hired because they are no simply good teachers, they are good psychologists and know how to help children to adapt to the new country. Sometimes they establish a more holistic way of education and children are happy to accept it. Especially, in a situation like ours, when the child just entered in Singapore and had to start learning new things in new school. In addition, most international schools in Singapore has big facilities with fancy furniture and playgrounds. Children are able to practice different sports in the new facilities. In GEMS World Academy, there are 2 big swimming pools suitable for younger and older kids. Other international schools in Singapore have swimming pools, too.

Today, we have two kids with two different schools, and we see they both need exactly the chosen school and if we exchange them they won’t be happy at all. If you are looking for the best school and want to check the programmes feel free to check Ministry of Education website.