Is it possible the English lesson to be fun?

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Reading class could inspire children to love books or to hate them and it depends on the teacher mostly. In Singapore, the English language is an official one so every kid should know it. Some children experience difficulties so English reading class is one of the most common additional education in Singapore. English reading lessons should be fun and attractive to provoke children curiosity.


How to make the English reading class more fun?

It is simple – include games and competition and children will love it. Games give children more than fun and entertainment. Every game has educational aspect and children learn something from it sometimes without being obvious. Reading classes are kind of boring if children practice reading only so including speaking, singing and different games will improve their experience.

Interesting serial stories

Try this method of reading a story. Choose an interesting story with a lot of intense moments and read it on parts. Every time you should stop at the most interesting place and kids will not lose interest. When you finish it, give them the whole book or a story to read it again. This will leave them a memory for what you have read to them. Thanks to MyEnglishSchool, the English reading classes, and learning in general, have never been more interesting and engaging for kids in Singapore.

Make a reading board

This is suitable for children who can already read. Make a board with their photos and a chart with titles of books. Against every kid write down what he or she is reading. In addition, you can add the time children needed to read the whole book. Don’t forget to give them some type of reward for every read book. You may prepare some stars made from paper and glue them on the wall. Every kid will be able to see how many stars have achieved on the board. A physical representation of the achievements makes kids proud.

Make kids exchange books

Being a teacher in English reading class means more than correcting pronunciation. It means that you should be able to discuss and provoke a discussion on certain topics and books. Sometimes children need to see things from other perspective and you can provoke this as make them exchange their books with another class. Both classes should read their books and discuss them together. You will be surprised how a simple discussion can improve vocabulary.

How to make one story more interesting for toddlers?

Add sounds to your story. Children need to express their feelings more obvious so expressing them with words might not be enough. While you are reading ask few students to make noises when they are needed in the story. Choose a story with many animals and you will be glad to see how much fun toddlers will have.

Make them a reading palace

Children know that a library is a special place for reading. They love to play in castles and special houses so you could combine both things together. Make a special, quiet place in the classroom for reading. There is no need to be something very special, you can adapt some big box, for example, and cut few windows. Ask children to decorate it and put some fancy chair or pillows. You can add some sign that this is a reading zone and “shhhh” sign.

The English reading classes are more fun when you involve some games and attractive activities. Children learn to love books and reading lessons and are able to develop this knowledge in their future progress.