Crash course on sports physiotherapy in Singapore

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Sports physiotherapy is a discipline, which helps people to get back to their old training regime after incidents. Sports physiotherapy is also prevention physiotherapy because it might save ligaments from tearing and joints from damages. Sports physiotherapy in Singapore includes massage, golf physiotherapy, Running Analysis, strength and conditioning training. This type of physiotherapy is not for athletes only – it is suitable for people who just start with exercising. Probably, you know it, but we will focus on the idea that exercising is the right way to stay healthy and in good shape. That’s why, no matter, there is a risk of injuries – It’s worth it. Sports physiotherapy is created exactly to this purpose to decrease the chances of incidents and traumas and places like Physioactive gives a chance to people to recover faster from incidents and achieve better results in contests and sports activities. Experienced physiotherapists are able to help not only your body but your mind, also.

What is sports injury management?

Sports injury management is a part of sports physiotherapy. Unfortunately, every year more than 15,000 people have incidents while exercising and need medical care and physiotherapy to recover. If they ignore the pain it might develop into chronic one which is not an option at all. The most important thing when it comes to recovery is to be able to work with an experienced physiotherapist. He or she will know where to push more and where to hold. Most injuries damage strength and flexibility so the priority of sports injury management is exactly getting them back in the game. Athletes have to work for preventing injuries while exercising because their body has to sustain the level of intensity. Of course, people who start working out for the first time also have to be careful with injuries because their bodies are not ready for intensive muscle exercises. In sports, injury management is applicable to many techniques including manual therapy, ultrasound and electrotherapy.

What about sports massage?

Sports massages are part of injury management but not exclusively. Some people don’t have a sports injury but experience a stiffness and light pain. Muscle groups sometimes are too tense and can’t recover after a heavy work out. That is a common case when massage physiotherapy might help a lot with recovery and pain. Manual sports massage helps blood flow to enter specific muscles and ligaments and supply them with oxygen – you may know that blood brings oxygen and nutrition to the cells. Some athletes combine their work out with a massage every time in order to get the best results and to increase their level of performance. However, only highly experienced specialists should provide sports massages.

Senior man plays gold back pain

What is golf physiotherapy?

Golfers need flexibility and balance most. Usually, the posture of the body causes pain during the game, so they desperately need resting after every round. It might sound rare but in fact, golfers experience more often these health conditions than other people – Dysfunctional movement patterns, spinal injuries and Golfers elbow and pain in the back, lower back and shoulders. Physiotherapy is able to heal the pain thanks to different techniques and procedures. After golf physiotherapy, golfers are able to make a better swing, and they are more stable.

What is Strength & Conditioning Training?

Physiotherapists are good into defining what your body needs most. They are able to provide you with exercises that will improve your flexibility and strength. Some athletes have their personal physiotherapist in order to be sure that while they are training their body is having the best level of intensity. No matter, if a man is training for toning, for weight-loss or for strength, exercises should provide optimal results thanks to the quality of the workout. Physiotherapy for strength includes more attractive workouts like yoga, Pilates and Podiatry and even nutritional recommendations. Personal trainers will help you to achieve maximal goals and a more healthy lifestyle.