Best backdrops ideas for photo booth shooting

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Photo shooting could be such a great activity for your party or your wedding. People think it is boring but in fact, it is not especially when you have to break the ice between your guests. A good photo shooting has some characteristics that shouldn’t be ignored. For example, hiring a photo booth in Singapore for your wedding is one of the best things you can do. Hiring an open booth will allow your guests to participate in collective photos with more people. The funniest photos are unprepared ones and when there are 15 people on the photo there is no chance for preparation. However, if you have decided to hire a photo booth in Singapore for your wedding then you should think about the backdrop. A good backdrop will make your photos from amazing to gorgeous so keep reading for our photo booth backdrop ideas.

What are the best backdrop ideas for the photo booth?

Hanging photos for a backdrop photo booth

One of the best ideas is to hang some family photos in the back. This way you might add some people who are not able to be at your wedding. Hanging photos can be of your favourite pet or kids, too. They can be in your car or of you of course.

Hanging photo for a backdrop photo booth

Pom-pom backdrop photo booth

Everyone loves cheerleaders. They are fun, young and colourful. Pom-poms are the distinctive sign of every cheerleader and for our happiness, they are so easy to be made. Get some colourful nylon bags, tie them in the middle with some ribbing and cut them on stripes. Hang them as a backdrop and attach long stripes to hang down to the ground. It is an easy way to make summer backdrop.


A British backdrop photo booth

Popular backdrops are those who represent some city or whole country with some local place or item. For example, people love British backdrops with a red phone booth. There is something romantic in it and young people feel it. One of the downsides of the red phone booth is the colour red so if you are not sure that it will be suitable for your photo booth shooting better choose something else.

English phone booth backdrop

A chalkboard wall photo booth

One of the best photo booth ideas for a wedding is a black chalkboard with white inscriptions on it. You can draw or write – there is no matter, it will be visible and attention-grabbing. It is really cool when the happy pair uses the chalkboard to write their favourite poem or lyrics of their favourite song.


Backdrops with vehicles

No, we don’t mean to park your car in the back. Let your imagination work properly and find some old bike. If you have spare paint, you can paint it in pink or yellow. Don’t paint it in green because if you position it in the garden it will be invisible. If you manage to find a bike with 2 or 3 seats then your photo booth photos will be vintage. Add some flowers to the bike mechanism to hide the machinery parts and you are ready. Some people add signs, but we don’t consider it as necessary. The bike is attractive enough not to ruin the backdrop with sings.


Another vehicle you can use is some old car or even a wagon. Although every wagon should have horses, the better photo shoot will happen without poor animals. Wagons are amazing vehicles, and they can be decorated with hundreds of things. Every idea you come up can be applied in a wagon. If you want to use flowers, go on and use them. If you want to use balloons – easy peasy. Wagons are romantic backdrop so gentle touch will be all that you need.


Photo booths are a great tool to entertain your guests and to get amazing photos. Pay attention to details and you will have the best photos with the best backdrops.